Man has to choose the right path

Changing Lives!

At some point in life, everyone (yes, everyone) comes to a point in their life when continuing to run on auto pilot is no longer an option.  Sometimes, stopping to think about the direction you are headed is more important than just marching ahead.  At Time to Change Community Corrections, we specialize in these transitions.  Our clients come to us courts or prisons, often hopeless, timid and confused.  Some come angry, indignant and entitled. Fear looks different for different people.  Finding yourself at a crossroads can be scary.  For many of our clients, it should frighten them; it should wake them up.  For some individuals this is the second chance they have prayed for.  For others, it is clearly their last chance.  We don’t put a limit on the number of chances a person gets, but sometimes society does.  When you enter Time to Change Community Corrections, you still control your own destiny.